Reinforcements for foundation piles

Staler firm apart from complete stock of machines for production of reinforcing elements for building industry has, as the only manufacturer in Poland, seven fully automated machines for production of reinforcing baskets for foundation piles. These machines are equipped with welding robots (SAF 2000). Production technology of reinforcing baskets is fully automated, making it possible to realize orders very quickly and achieve exceptional quality of reinforcements.

It is worthy noticing that it is possible to program a spiral lead change on the whole length of one reinforcement, and to preset a frequency of welding too. The whole production process is electronically controlled, ensuring the highest quality of finished products.


At present, our machines allow us to produce reinforcements for foundation piles within a range of diameters from 200mm to 2000mm, up to 21m long. It is possible to join two reinforcements to obtain longer elements.In the following table basic production parameters for this kind of reinforcement have been shown.

Basket diameter [mm] 160-Ø2200200-840 (diameter)
Maximum basket length [mm]21 000 (connecting foundation piles longer than 16 m at the construction site)15 000
Diameter of longitudinal bars [mm]Ø10-Ø32 Ø10-Ø25
Spiral bar diameter [mm] Ø6-Ø16 (spiral)Ø6-Ø10
Spiral lead [mm]50-500 (piral stroke)50-500 (spiral stroke)
Stiffening rings Ribbed bar Ø12-Ø32 
Stiffening ring spacing [mm]According to the project 
Foundation piles weight [Mg]Max 5 t. 
Type of steelsteel A-IIIN (ribbed reinforcement); flat bars 
Foundation piles base protectionFoundation piles foot made of ribbed bar, flat bar 
SpacersRibbed bar A III N or flat bar 40x4, 40x5, 50x4, 50x4 
Welding methodMAG method (in CO2 shielding), welding 
Minimum number of welded contacts in the foundation piles [%]100 %