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One of the fields of the Staler is the production of reinforcing elements for building industry. Modern stock of machines, specialized software and qualified staff allow to realize even the biggest projects for highway engineering and orders from retail customers. Production Preparation Department receives documentation sent by customer in an electronic form or as ready printouts. Owned automatic machines for stirrups allow to produce elements made of ribbed rolled wires from the following range of diameters: ø 6 mm - ø 16 mm. Modern production line for cutting and bending bars realizes prefabrication of ribbed bars of diameters ø 12 mm to ø 32 mm. In a continuous cycle we perform also straightening of smooth and ribbed rolled wires. Current production capacity of the steel yard is about 2500 tons per month. Employed computer system enables continuous monitoring of progress of individual order realization, and full control of loading.

Staler produces also complete reinforcements for wind power plants.


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