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Stalermata® is a product consisting of reinforcing bars automatically joined with a binding wire and arranged in a roll according to the design ready for unrolling. Longitudinal, and then transversal spreading of Stalermata® creates mesh  of required dimensions. 

Stalermata® can be used in all areas  where  reinforcement of flat areas is required (including vertical surfaces). It is a particularly effective solution in large-area construction industry (housing and industrial), and can also be used as  reinforcement of railway and road embankments. 

A professional design process for any reinforced area, including dividing reinforcement into individual mats, reduces installation time as well as simplifies the process.

The Stalermata® application technology has become one of the most profitable and optimized technologies used in the process of concrete slab reinforcing. The profitability of this process  results from savings on  reinforcement steel – up to 30 %, and on the time of its installation – up to 60% compared to the process of reinforcing with welded meshes. Furthermore, compared  to the traditional reinforcing method, it ensures savings on time of up to 70%, thus, reducing the overall time required for the construction. 

When we receive an inquiry with a general drawing (layout, Figure 1), first we present a proposed reinforcement installation area (Figure 2).

Following the customer’s approval, we present our price  and term offer. 










  • construction reinforcements
  • welded circles and ovals
  • spatial reinforcements – cages
  • welded meshes
  • reinforcement piles
  • stalermatas 
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