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EU Subsidies

We have the pleasure of informing you, that STALER has received European Union funds several times. Thanks to this help we could buy machines and devices which enabled us to make customer’s service more efficient, increased our competitiveness and reinforced our position on the market.

Our firm received support for the following investment projects:

Purchase of six overhead travelling cranes.”

Realization of this undertaking was related to the purchase of six modern overhead travelling cranes, which contributed to an increase of the firm’s production potential, better customer’s service, and reinforced firm’s position on the market. This project has been supported with resources from Phare 2001 Programme – Social and Economic Integrity – PL Development of Small and Average-Sized Firms Investment Subsidy Fund.

Agreement number: PL01.06.09.02-01/2 0167

Development of the STALER firm through the purchase of hardware and software.”

By realization of this project we have supported the management system and improved work performed in our firm. Latest computer technologies enable our employees to have fast access to firm’s data bases, facilitate customer’s service and help to create our trade offer. This investment has been realized using resources from Phare 2002 Programme - Social and Economic Integrity – 2002/000-580.06.05 - Regional Programme for Supporting Small and Average-Sized Firms – Enterprise in Poland, Investment Subsidy Fund.

Agreement number: 2002/000-580-06.05-04/02/0037

Increase of competitiveness of the STALER through buying a modern production line for artistic forging.”

This investment was related to the purchase of a modern machine for metalworking, which has not been employed in our firm before. After introducing this new technology we were able to extend our product offer, systematically adjusting it to customers’ demands. This project has been realized within the scope of the Phare 2003 2003/004-379/05.02/01-02 Programme – Supporting Competitiveness of Polish Firms – Investments in Technologies and Innovations - Investment Subsidy Fund.

Agreement number: 2003/004-379/05.02/01-02/02/0041

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